Sunday, January 29, 2012


We became members of our church today :)
When I moved down here to Texas last january the hubs and I (was not the hubs then) tried out numerous different church's to try to find a "home" for us
It wasnt until March that we tried the Ciela Vista Church that was just down the road (from where we lived at that point)
Then I went home to plan the wedding, then rocky deployed, AND NOW
we are back ....
and will most likely both will be here for quite awhile ----and now members we become
It was fun to finally get a tour of the whole building --ITS HUGE
and even bigger then what it was when we first started to go
We are going to hopefully join a study class or two
and meet other members of the church
You may ask "what is the difference between just going or going when your a member?"
becoming a member means we are going to hold ourselves accountable
we now are members and other members will depend on us to be there and we will depend on them
(at this point we dont really know anyone as HUGE as the place is) ssssoooooo----We hope to meet others and become active in the church as well

I am so excited about our second step in our life!!
and for the record #1 is going wonderful --we are on week number two :) 
veggies fruit veggies fruit veggies fruit veggies fruit veggies fruit veggies fruit

and as far as this whole "new blogging" goes ----YES you have to CONTINUE to wait ---sad news being it will prolly be a good like um maybe 5 more weeks before it actually starts :) BUT ITS REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITING: PROMISE ( clue: I am drained at this point with it SSSSHHHH all you smart people out there hahah CANT WAIT TO SHARE and get advice too)

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