Monday, October 17, 2011

Blonde or Brunette

So I can honestly say one or the other "do NOT have more fun" then the other
You get to choose your hair and you get to choose your fun :)
and its the one thing i can control ssssooooo when this girls life gets our of control i take control and change my hair just so that i know that i have control over something !!!
its so true though , yes you get the occasional im bored lets make a hair change, but most of time when my life starts to spin and i cant grasp on to things **i change the hair** i think its a good solution hahahha people start to concentrate on that new fact in your life and not the others "hows your grandma? hows your mom? hows rocky?" ggguuuuhhhhhh to much to much to much to much I GIVE IN (hince my title yes im freaking clever lol)
okay so to you few wonderful blog followers of mine voice your opinon please!! :)
which you digging ?!?




what ya thinking?! new girl new attitude new hope ---okay so its just new hair hahaahhaha
                                                     IT'S STILL NEW!!!!!!!!!!!

A different shot both ways so you can get a full effect on the difference (like you couldnt tell already LOL)


  1. I think you look great as both a blonde and a brunette but I do love to go darker in the fall/winter time!

  2. i like the dark. i am a newly found lover of dark hair and can NOT wait to go darker.

    signed, always been a blonde ;)