Wednesday, October 19, 2011

25 years down

so this happened like almost a month ago but not quite hahha however with my life the way it is i planned to do it HOWEVER
here i am 
 it was a blast in a glass (okay not quite deena) however it was a freaking blast and a hell-0 good time!!!
so i had to write about it and share this fun idea with all you bloggers :)
first off -- you cant go wrong with blue moon!! you will laugh until you think you are going to pee everytime
and to watch everyone get embarrassed is hillarious too (lighten up people its life you have to have fun)

2nd-- sister and i pulling off the party was so much fun from the planning to the secrets to the stress hahah

lots was going on in everyones life (grandma'S being sick) so the party was smaller then expected, we feared mom and dad where not going to even make it thankfully they did!!!

had their ACTUAL wedding napkins and other things used (name tag was actually their thank you notes but just had their names on the outside) and then their party favors where cute little rolled up poems (dad wrote to mom cough cough NOT! but he tried to say he did hahah he is not really the "romantic" type)

We found old pictures of the two of them
8x10 of their wedding picture for middle of the table for everyone in bar to see hahhahaha

and then we tied other ones to some jars to use as a "centerpiece" in the middle of tables

 best part of all ---all the ladies dressed up in "80s bridesmaids dresses"

we made moms sash and she wore a veil Dad worea  top hat for their actually wedding HOWEVER our's was a little to small for that big head of his hahhaha
Sisters born in the 80s rockin out like they lived in the 80s

Prego at 40? smokin? drinkin? NOT married? WTH

They where so surprised and everyone had such a good time

After this night of fun i decided that you shouldnt need an occasion to dress up instead you should just pick fun "themes" and you and your girls just have a blast with it :)

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