Sunday, January 13, 2013

Catch Up

I am up, showered, ready for church, and drinking HOT coffee for the second day in a row with two sleeping boys in bed still SHOCKINGGGGGG idk whats in the air but im liking it A LOT getting even the 15 min to myself to just sit and drink my coffee and be READY when the boys wake up gives me such a peace of mind and good attitude to start off the day
INSTEAD of feeling far less then decent, running around with my head cut off, and a husband in his pj's still 5 minutes before walking out the door when I could use the help or should i say the "servant" as I would be bossing him around to do stuff for us but instead I know he has to get himself ready
its going to be a great day i would have to say

did i mention HOT COFFEE

So it has been a little while since I have posted
I really only ever get the chance to do the monthly updates because I have so much other stuff that I should be doing but the monthly growing update is something I do not want to miss out on for later in life to look back on
and to be honest if i do not do it right then and there I start to forget and everything blends together

Okay so Catch Up!
--URIJAH IS IN HIS CRIB --- we are on night 6 of being successful with about 5 previous half nights
this was a big step and I have to say it was probably much harder on Mommy/Daddy then it was for Lil Man who is being a little champ about it! YES I cried the first night! I hated not being able to hear his sleepy noises nor watch him sleep as I drifted off to sleep.  Daddy checked on him numerous times and wasnt sleeping well the first nights; He hated the monitor and all the noises he heard and would have to go check on Urijah so we have turned the monitor off for his sanity
It took some getting use to but after a week I have to say we are all doing good

--In 15 days we are headed back to Iowa ---However this time just Urijah and I:( Rocky has to go to Louisiana for some training for the month.  Instead of staying here by ourselves we are going back home to be surrounded with family! 1. It will make the time go faster 2. I honestly can say I would have got depressed being here without Rocky and anyone else 3. We will HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) be in Iowa when the arrival of our new niece/nephew/cousin makes their appearance into the world.  Which I am grateful that I will be around to help my sister with the last part of her pregnancy and hopefully the first weeks of motherhood with THREE little peoples running around in her daily life.

--another big update for Urijah (which im sure i will repeat some of this in his 4 month blog post) He is attempting to roll over! He grabs toys and actually plays now! and he can see farther or at least follow us farther away with interest still he will lay in the living room and stair into the kitchen at us! His giggles are getting more frequent and man is he ticklish but he just grunts and holds his breath as he squirms more then laughs hahah

--We as a couple are becoming more normal ---Sounds weird I know but its most defiantly something they dont inform you of nor do you think about when you are prego! they tell you to make time for each other and all that jazz.  But you really do go through an adjustment period (ours being about 2 1/2 months) of not only becoming parents and all the new changes as well as joys that that brings.  But figuring out each other again, making time for each other, showing love for one another.  I would have to say this was probably harder for me and most females as we have a baby attached to us all the time and so "freedom" time of no one touching us well we dont really want to go cuddle up with the hubs we want to sprawl out and relax and not be touched or talked too!!! hahaha  When the baby is asleep or goes down for the night you want to zonk out too!! not stay up another hour to have "us" time without baby.
Trust me after a couple months and you (as well as your body) has adjusted these things will be important!  Showing love and affection and rekindling where it all started! Life before kids should always remain in a relationship.  And since we are not in a location that we can drop the baby off with someone we trust and have a date night we have to work a little extra harder at it! so all in all this is for the hubs GIVE US TIME we will come back to you and becoming more "normal" again.  And ladies Dont give up on your man just because your little peeps demand and need so much from you.
This is one of my new years resolutions---to be a better wife and the best mom I can be all wrapped up in one.
But I dont feel bad for those first couple months and its def something that I will pass on to others as I was unaware to expect this and I more then think its normal (or at least I will continue to tell myself that)

Well I hear baby coos so I am headed to get a 2nd cup of coffee that will be cold before I finish
Happy Sunday to all
God Bless

xo xo xo

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