Saturday, January 5, 2013

2 months

You had your two month checkup today.  You are a growing boy weighing in at 12lbs and 23” long (in the 60% range for both height and weight and your head is in the 40%).  You are three for three on peeing on the nurse at each of your doctor visits so far.  As soon as that diaper comes off you spray away, we warned this one at least and she still got it. You had three shots and I handled them much better than your circumcision.  It was a quick scream and cry from you and as soon as I picked you up you where good to go.  Daddy left the room before they gave them to you (he really hates shots) he “had” to go get your Tylenol from the pharmacy.  You are in a size 2 diapers and 3 month clothes. I went through your closet and it’s amazing how many clothes you have outgrown already. You love your baths you are so beyond content in there.  You are going longer between feedings finally which is really nice, usually three hours and at night u r asleep by 9 wake at 2 and then if u wake to eat at 5ish then u go back to sleep till 7ish but occasionally u sleep till 6 and are up for the day then.  You sleep with your hands up above your head it is the cutest thing! Mommy has had Mastitis twice this month which has resulted in you getting more bottles.  You have decided you like them better too!  You are such a happy camper in the mornings when you wake up, not always do you want a bottle for a few hours.  You like to just lay and talk, chat, smile at anyone who will listen.  It’s my favorite part of the day now.  Your big huge smile is contagious and your chatty self just makes me fill with happiness.  Your big blue eyes are so beautiful I could stare into them forever while holding your little hand.  You like to hold hands when you are eating. And boy have you found your hands!! You chew on them all the time. You’re holding your head up better and liking tummy time a little bit more.  You still have those goopy eyes due to clogged tear ducts.  We have to strap you in your bouncer now your legs are so strong!.  We started to test out a new carrier on our walks and you love it which I am so happy about because will make going through the airport easier.  We decided to fly home for Christmas so you will get another first under your belt! Everyone is so excited to see you and I am very glad that we will not be driving the 20 hours that’s for sure.  Everyone is so excited to meet you and we are excited to show you off.  You where already so alert but are getting more and more aware, recognize things, and follow objects. When you wake up you are always so happy and have the biggest stretches (along with a few toots here and there too) we plan to get this on tape soon because it is seriously one of the cutest things ever.  Grandpa Willie came down and visited again this month.  Wyatt and Kristina came down to help us celebrate your second holiday, Thanksgiving, with a big feast and football.  Mommy left you for the first time with Daddy while she did some Black Friday shopping.  Your hair is starting to lie down as it grows and gets longer.  I know I am going to miss those peacock feathers.  You are still sleeping in your rock n play in Mommy and Daddy’s room but Daddy thinks now that we don’t have company coming down we need to move you to your big boy bed. 
I don’t think we could possibly love you anymore then we already do.  You are amazing baby boy and its overwhelming how such a little person can change our world more than ever imaginable.  Every day I am purely amazed by the things you do and filled with more joy.   
Look forward to 1. Showing you off to everyone and you getting to meet the rest of your family 2.  Your giggle 3. Rolling over    

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