Saturday, January 5, 2013

3 months

It is still hard to grasp how fast you are growing! You go to bed some nights and just wake up bigger.  You are outgrowing clothes left and right.  You are wearing a lot of 3-6 months stuff now.  Still in size 2 diapers ---be interesting to see what you weigh next month at the doctor.
 You had a lot of first this month
1.      Airplane ride–which you did awesome at!
2.      Visit to Iowa--And you met so many family members that you had not yet got to see.  They all loved on you of course.  Jada acted like you where her baby doll and Tucker/McCoy couldn’t get enough of you!  Tucker was all about giving you a bath and feeding you and McCoy was constantly showing you toys. 
3.      1st snow ---they got a HUGE blizzard and we didn’t know if our flight was going to make it on time but it did and Grandpa Chamby picked us up with a very long drive home
4.      Celebrated your first Christmas! Daddy and I are excited for you to get a little bigger so we can start a lot of family traditions together J we tried to make an ornament you’re your hand print but it really didn’t work out you are just to little and wiggly.  You got a book “God Gave Us Christmas” and you will get a new book every year.  Mommy also gave you a basketball hoop Daddy didn’t think this to be to funny! He still thinks you are going to be a wrestler
5.      1st football game in El Paso at the Sun Bowl when we returned from Iowa.  USC vs GT

Your hands are becoming so active and you can actually hold on to things and grab toys if they are in your reach too.  You are constantly chewing on your hands and finding your fingers.  Sometimes you pop a thumb in there but Daddy always pulls it out.  Usually though you just chew/eat on your whole fist aaannnddd gag yourself –your hand is bigger than your mouth silly but you have not figured that out yet.  When you play under your play mat you have just started hitting the toys.
You cough and when I say “bad cough” or when Daddy calls you “faker” you continue to do it … its almost like you know how to do it.
While in Iowa you really started to like your pacifier
You still LOVE your bathtime and have started to kick and splash around
Bouncey seat is still your favorite place to nap and your strong legs can seriously kick you right out of there so we have to start strapping you in
You have started to try out new items with your new big boy status–highchair, bumbo, excersaucer etc.
1st of the year we have started getting you into your crib ….. Daddy is surprisingly having a harder time with it then Mommy.  Yes Mom did cry the first night but Dad couldn’t sleep and kept checking on you after hearing so many noises over the monitor until he finally “accidently” woke you up.  Needless to say you where in our room by 11.  Now we don’t use the monitor and the last two nights you have stayed in there a little longer.  Making Baby Steps!!!!!
Since Iowa we have really been off schedule or should I say not on a schedule!!  You fight your sleep now and you have become quite attached to Mommy.  You eat anywhere from 2.5 hrs-4 hours during the day 4.5 oz…. and at night 3-5 hours.  I’m ready to be back on schedule, and just as I get you in one we will be going home again.  January 28 we will be flying home to iowa for the month because Daddy has to go to Louisiana for some training.  Hopefully we will be home when your new cousin is born! But it will be a long month without Daddy around L
Your hair is still wild
You yell now .. not just talk but really yell.  And we can get you to giggle on occasion now! It’s the cutest thing ever and we even got your first one on tape. 
You got so many new toys for Christmas we are excited to play and learn with them.  You will probably be rolling over by next month.  You are holding your head up so much better not such a wobble head. 
You continue to amaze us baby boo! We are beyond blessed to be your parents and get the opportunity to watch you grow and change with such an overwhelming feeling of love.

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