Friday, March 16, 2012

Updates Feb-March 2012


UPDATE .........

1. My girlfriend Ellie came to visit (she was on spring break) us and it was some MUCH MUCH MUCH needed girl time.  We had such a good time not really doing much of anything; as we are both joke and trying to save for bigger things hahaha, however, that did not stop us from doing a little shopping.  It was so nice to just go to the mall with someone who wanted to be there just as much as you do.  The hubs does NOT like to shop to say the least and to be honest shopping with your mom, sister, girlfriends is just way more worthwhile; getting their opinions and thoughts on different things.  What do boys know? honestly?  We ended up with matching dresses (in different colors) and I am excited to wear it tonight for date night

2. The hubs elbow has EXPLODED no lie when I say that :( YUCKY
He has been struggling with it for um lets see foreverrrrrrr..... lots of xrays, lots of medicines (anti inflammatory pills, antibiotics, etc etc etc), MRI, drs different drs more drs and then finally to ortho!! We finally got the go ahead that we would be doing surgery WHEN the explosion occurred ... it like "popped" open and lots of ooze and other cruds have came out of "the boob" of an elbow he has going on.  He has gone in everyday since it "popped" and they have squeezed it! and re wrapped it! "The boob" looks a lot lot better. He was in a lot of pain and finally got some good drugs! and is doing a ton better ... they are still going to go ahead and do surgery March 20th (4 days away) and scrape away the bursides (sp), any other infection in there, and hopefully get the little mass of rock/bone/ who knows what the hell it is out of there and FIX all the issues making him all better! The accident first occurred in September 2009 :(

3. Speaking of March 20th ---ANOTHER big event will be happening!
I'm so excited and it honestly feels like I am getting a Christmas in March! :)
My Mom, Bailey, Trey, Tucker, and McCoy are AAAAALLLLL flying it for a few days for a visit.
They are all on spring break.....
My sister is a teacher, my brother is in 6th grade, and my mom does daycare for all teachers (which lets be honest is like the perfect route to go ---one day when I am running my own daycare I hope to be so lucky 1. they are all picked up at a decent time 2. I get to have all the same days off as my kids would 3. Summers off and spending time with just my kids getting to go and do stuff and I could prolly go on even more with the pros's :)
and Little Mr. Tucker and Mr. McCoy --yes I am prolly most excited to see them, cuddle them, love on them, see how much they have grown and changed as well as watch how much they have learned.  Yes i just left them all mid January but it is AMAZING how much little ones change and how fast!!!!

It is going to be a little bit stressful taking care of my hubby while he recovers, entertaining the family, as well as relaxing and enjoying every moment I get with them (being the next time I will get to see them is June and that is WAY to far away)
But this is going to be a huge huge huge visit and life changing for everyone --I just know it!!! We are all going to have a blast and remember it forever. 
I only wish that my other brother Trevor (who's spring break didn't match up; he was home all last week from William Penn university) and my Dad (who couldn't take anytime off from work) could have made it too!!!

4. Lots of crappy stuff has been going on at Rocky's work and that has made being his wife not fun at times however its part of the job description I suppose I can handle it hahah I just really hope it gets better soon because it is morally not right or fair to say the least to him or any of his other fellow soldiers.  People need to step up and play their roles!!! Hate when people think they can get away with doing stuff, or take situations to an extreme because things in their own personal lives are not going well.  I am doing a lot of praying!!!!

5.  Another big prayer going out to this AMAZING couple that I babysit for, they got an amazing offer on there house literally before they had even put it up for sale.  They couldn't pass it up but they have not found a new house to move too.  Everyone they have considered so far has fallen through one reason or another--she is stressed to the max to say the least with one of her little ones 1st birthdays around the corner, a wedding they have to travel by plane too, moving and doing final stuff to there house, AND find a place to make there new home.  I can not even imagine and my heart def goes out to her. 

6. My girlfriend started to Blog and is dying to read mine --surprisingly enough only ONE person I actually know in real life knows about my blog that weird?? anyone else out there not tell people about there blogs?? my own husband doesn't even know what the name of my blog is ;he knows I have a blog and that's about the extent of it ----anyways I told her in a few weeks I would tell her my blog name so she could start to follow me ... maybe I will get brave enough and tell EVERYONE about it ??? oh how that will take some guts .... but it would be nice to keep everyone "updated" :)

7.  ONE MORE WEEK!!!!! beep beep beep beep beep beep (not the exact sound but not quite sure how to type out that noise) 

8. Happy St Pattys Day Everyone Have A Green Beer Or A Green Drink Or Hell Just Add Food Coloring !!! hahahahha

Off to start my busy weekend .... LLLLOOONNNNGGGG checklist to say the least :)

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