Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a wonderful little family Easter just the three of us! and the last Easter in El Paso
We went to early service at Ciela Vista church 
which was a wonderful and very moving service by Pastor Larry 
Such an overwhelming feeling to think about all the pain and suffering our Father went through because of his undying love for us
We invited the Reece family to go with us and were so glad that they excepted the offer

After Church was over we headed to the Corner Bakery (one of my favorite places in El Paso). We picked up some muffins and coffee and headed to a local park! We enjoyed a nice stroll while little one snoozed away.  Afterwards we went onto base so that Urijah could see the Easter Bunny which was a HUGE hit .. you can see by the following pictures :) His little well I should say BIG smile is the best he just melts my heart.  Hard to believe that every day I fall more in love with him when you dont think you could love someone anymore then you already do and then BOOM more love grows.  

One Happy Boy! and One Creepy Looking Bunny!

Such a little Ham Ball
God is Good
He has risen

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