Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pool Time

It has been so warm out, talking high 80's, spending a lot of time outside on walks and just hanging out.  You my child are definitely an outdoor baby and fit right into this family of ours.
  (Iowa is still getting snow and YES it is Spring)
Anyways I am very anxious to go to the pool with you.  As much as you love the bathtub I know that you are going to LOVE the pool and we are going to spend a lot of our next few months there.  Daddy got home early, you had a great nap, and it was 80+ degrees out so I figured that was a perfect combination to go to the pool.  WRONG!! we got all suited up and headed over.... the water was ICE COLD!!! BBBBRRRRR I didn't even try to put your toes in because it was that freezing! But you looked pretty darn cute in your lil shark/fish trunks and shades.  You loved looking at the water and the fountains that were going! So I guess this was just an introduction to you of a new place that we will be spending a lot of time at splashing, learning, playing, and getting our tan on!  The Easter Bunny told me he/she is bringing you a cool little floaty with a canopy and all!


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