Thursday, July 5, 2012

27 weeks


July 3, 2012
Week 27
Pregnancy Highlights: 
Baby Size: 14.5 inches cauliflower more 2lbs
Maternity Clothes: yes some—more than before for comfort but I can still fit some of normal
Stretch Marks: Nope and Hope to continue to avoid
Gender: BOY
Movement: daily
Sleep: fine still thankfully
Food Cravings: sweets
Food Aversions: none
Symptoms: I am still feeling great most days but starting to get a bit uncomfortable
Especially after eating
Weight Gain: 13 lbs total still
Belly Button: HARDLY and INNY
Best Moment this week:  We went to our first baby class “childbirth preparation” and we got to tour the hospital that we will deliver at
What I’m looking forward to: 15 days till Mom, Trevor, Trey come down to El Paso
32 days until we get to go back to Iowa TOGETHER
89 more days until due date
What I’m NOT looking forward to:
LABOR I need to get prepared after going to our first class I have now decided I need to get back on my band wagon of reading!!!!!! And learning!!!!!! I want to be confident when the time comes and we (as rocky calls it) are in the “danger zone” now hahaha
Milestone: everything is almost completely set up in nursery!!! … crib, bedding, dresser, changing pad, curtains, duvet cover/bed skirt(just need sheets), clothes cleaned/hung, and only have a few more MUST NEED items before this little boy gets here (after mom comes we will go shopping and finish it all up and by end of July we will be SET!!! And READY!!!)
Labor signs: 13 more weeks
Week 27 Picture:

Happy 4th of July

We spent the day just Rocky, Me, and a very active belly :) 
We started off the day with Krispy Kreams donuts (until the ants attacked them), 
went to a parade, then grilled out at the NEW wonderful house (which I need to post pictures and do a blog on that), after grilling and eating a huge meal (brussel sprouts, corn on the cob, hamburgers, hot dogs wrapped in bacon YUMMINESS) we went into a food coma, to top off the perfect day we went to Biggs where there was a live band lots of people watching and some pretty decent fireworks!!! 

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