Monday, August 29, 2011

Two Become One---- The Fosters

We made our own wedding website when we got married this year 1. for people to not only go on and see all our thousands of pictures throughout the years 2. Give Information from our past for those who maybe have not known us forever.  3. We where also able to use the site as a way of RSVP --it felt very clever, high tech (which I am NOT) and ill be honest it saved us money on postage!! :)

HOW WE MET:  (this is from my husband point of view)

Growing up in a small town Lindsey and I had alway knew of one another. The first time I can actually rememeber meeting Lindsey face to face was my sophomore year at a bonfire in Desoto. She came with her older sister, Lindsey is two years younger then me. We had lots of mutual friends and did lots of stuff together through the high school years, but we didnt become really really close till my senior year of highschool. I didnt have a liscense, Lindsey only lived a couple blocks away, so I gave up my senior parking spot so she could drive me to school and park up front! Living so close we would go on walks all the time together. We really enjoyed one anothers company. Lindsey and I remained close through out the years and always stayed close intouch no matter where our locations in life was. We where always teased that we where more then best friends, and now we are proving everyone RIGHT. We are MORE then just best friends we are best friends who complete one another, getting married, and ready to spend the rest of our lives together forever.

Youngest Picture we have together!
Homecoming 2003
 Homecoming 2004
 Mr's Graduation 2007

Concert @ State Fair 2007

Districts game--ONTO STATE!

2008 ADM Football Game (he came back from college to watch first game)

I think that shows you how young we where when we started to appear in one anothers lives.

Most young girls always dream about their wedding day, however, for me it was always about my engagment. I could not wait for the day the question was popped. ALways wanted it to be a suprise, unique, memorable, and fun. Rocky accomplished all of the above and I would not have had it any other way! Wednessday- March 30, 2011 I Was at work when I got a text from Rocky asking if I was going to be home right after work?! My initial thought was that he was getting off early. I responded and told him yes that I would be off at 2 and be home right afterwards. He then proceeded to tell me that his mom had sent a package via fedex and that it would be delivered between 2-3 so I needed to be there to sign for it! I asked what it was and he said "she didnt say". I told him no problem ill be there as soon as I can. Then at about 2:15 I get another text from him asking if I was headed home yet! I told him had to talk to the schedule gal but that id be headed out the door no more then 10 minutes. He kept pushing me to hurry and quite frankly I was kind of getting annoyed 1. if we didnt get the package today we would get it tomorrow 2. he didnt even know what the package was and 3. I was dealing with work stuff nothing I could do about that SSSSOOOO... I hurry home driving like a mad woman because I dont want to miss the package, I get home and walk around the corner of the apartment building and see that there is no sticky note on the door saying "sorry we missed ya" or anything like fedex would do if they had been there so I was happy and relaxed a little bit. I had my hands full of stuff, (mail, my lunch, sweatshirt, waterbottle, purse, ect.) so I was fiddling around trying to unlock the door ONLY TO OPEN TO - Rockne on his knee in uniform, ring in his hand, candles lit everywhere, music playing, and two dozen beautiful roses, popping the question!! :) Dropped all my stuff saying "your such a stinker, your so tricky, guh i was so annoyed, you turkey, i cant believe you" I was completly taken off guard and was so excited, Just started hugging and kissing him. He then pulled back and looked at me and said "you have not answered yet babe!!" to my reply "YES YES YES YES" all I could dream of and more! best feeling ever :)

Made it Facebook official with this photo :)

A more serious photo documenting the special day!

The day that we will never forget.

Next Posting THE WEDDING :)

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